Vega Stockholm

Transformation of the interior, space planning, inventory, interior surfaces, implementation, project management and budget
Life City, Stockholm
VEGA Instruments
1000 m2

For VEGA Instruments, a life science company specializing in technical measuring equipment, BRIQ undertook the task of designing an entirely new office space. VEGA sought an environment that felt more like a home than a traditional office — a space that would accommodate unique technical programs such as the Training Room, used for client education on the use of their products, and the Warehouse, dedicated to equipment repair.

BRIQ’s design approach focused on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, to welcome clients while incorporating various lounge areas such as a smaller intimate kitchen to facilitate social gatherings and knowledge exchange among employees. The aim was to foster a sense of community and collaboration within the workspace.

The design also prioritizes the use of natural materials, aiming for a warm material palette that emphasizes quality and simplicity. By incorporating elements such as ash wood, lava stone and natural finishes, the office space exudes a sense of comfort and authenticity.

Moreover, the majority of furniture pieces were bespoke solutions specifically crafted for VEGA, reflecting their brand values and unique identity. These custom-made furnishings not only enhance the functionality of the space but also serve as tangible representations of VEGA’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Throughout the project, BRIQ worked closely with VEGA and Life City to ensure that the design met the company’s specific needs and reflected its values. The result is a thoughtfully designed office space that reflects the needs of their new Nordic team while staying true to VEGA’s brand ethos.