BRIQ is a Copenhagen-based design agency working in the fields of architecture, spatial design, and visual communication. Our mission is to create spaces that bring people together to live, work, and socialize. We design spaces of all kinds and sizes across both the public and private realms. We approach each task knowing that deeply understanding a specific place is vital to securing long-lasting and meaningful design.


We work with global trends interpreted through historical and cultural contexts. We are deeply rooted in our Scandinavian values, love of urban life, and a belief in quality throughout everything we deliver.
Our cross-disciplinary team of urban planners, architects, designers, and field experts are all handpicked for their creative talent, their ability to understand the complexity of our projects, and their social and cultural intelligence.



We approach each space as if we are going to live there ourselves. We believe in the fact that hospitality is needed in all public spaces and that we, because of our retail heritage, offer our clients a product that is deeply rooted in the identity of the bespoke city. At the same time, we balance aspects of recreational space, commercial space, and cultural space.


The city

A city is a living organism, made up of individuals with their own aspirations and needs. A living city is one that is constantly evolving and optimizing to the needs of the people in it. The city is ultimately a project we share, where we all look for our own pockets of comfort and how to live better lives.

We co-create these pockets of comfort by means of urban masterplanning, architecture, and spatial design. We work from a human scale, and our architects design solutions that make urban plazas, buildings, and communities seamlessly interact. We consider ourselves frontrunners in the quest for the sustainable, liveable city of the future.


The meeting place

A meeting place is a vital element in any city. For decades, meeting places have been polarized and uni-functional.
These boundaries are being transformed into cross-functional compounds, catering for many different needs and uses.
We understand that the future lies in communities; this is the important context of a meeting place. Our track record proves that we are able to design and curate for communities that are locally relevant and attractive destinations for potential visitors.
We integrate housing, workspaces, hospitality, restaurants, retail, education, culture, and entertainment concepts in our creation of the meeting place of tomorrow.


The hospitality, food and retail experience

Hospitality, food, and retail are our heritage. We are founded on the idea that improving customer experience through design is the only way for brands to flourish in a fast-changing environment. We are driven by innovative entrepreneurship, excellent craftsmanship, and digital expertise.

Our team of spatial designers excels in the fields of interior architecture, visual communication, and forward-thinking innovation. We ensure that hospitality, food, and retail concepts contribute to a better life for people, better business for brands, and unique offerings for markets, malls, and urban spaces.



Urban Life

Placemaking (Analysis, idea, and concept)
Place branding
Tactics and activation


Context analysis
Schematic design
Design development

Spatial Design

Visual communication
Concept development
Space planning
Interior architecture