Place branding & visual communication
4 rue Pernelle, 75004 Paris
Design Eyeware Group

DEGree is a new multibrand store in Paris created by the international company Design Eyewear Group. As a part of our work creating the spatial design of the physical shop, we also developed a vibrant and contemporary visual identity for the client.

The Logo constitutes the three letters: D E G, which means degree in French. To play on this, we added a trademark that represents a degree symbol to accentuate the meaning of the name, as well as the brand’s wish to embrace all of the customers’ needs – 360 degrees around. 

The wordmark draws direct inspiration from the visual boards used when an optician conducts an eye test, but here represented in a contemporary and precise way. The negative space plays with optical illusion and forms a contrast between geometric but yet organic forms.

Referencing the different shades in DEG’s sunglasses, we designed four different gradients. These will, together with the pattern of the trademark, ensure that the brand identity is highly scalable. 

Read more about our spatial design of the physical shop here.

Photo credits: Design Eyewear Group