Concept development, interior architecture and bespoke furniture
4 rue Pernelle, 75004 Paris
Design Eyeware Group

The Design Eyewear group has opened their own retail store, and BRIQ has helped develop the concept for the spatial design. As the brand DEG° hosts a handpicked array of brands, one of the main tasks was to create a retail experience encompassing the key values across the various brands. Inspired by the meeting between the human body, design and technology, the aim was to create a vibrant and playful retail space, alluring both from a distance and in detail.

To showcase each brand, BRIQ designed a large product display wall with a clear communicative system that organizes all the different brands along their names and logos. This system makes it easy to find your way around and browse the different brands.

The right side of the store is made to appear more like a showroom. Here a free-standing round table has the possibility to serve both as a product display, but also as a gathering point for employees, customers and clients. On the back wall, as in the retail section, glasses are displayed and below them built-in drawers function as storages. 

By fitting the desk seamlessly with the other spatial elements and minimizing its footprint, the aim was to give space to and emphasize the brands and their design, and through this make the point of sale and the commercial layer of the retail experience fit in discreetly.

As part of our work with DEG°, we helped develop a visual identity for the client. Read more about this here.

Photo credits: Design Eyewear Group