Welcome to the Living City – exhibition

Concept development, interior architecture, space planning, content development and implementation
Pasteursvej 20, Carlsberg Byen, København V
3daysofdesign and Carlsberg Byen p/s

As a part of 3daysofdesign (2023) BRIQ developed the exhibition Welcome to the Living City. The exhibition functioned as 3daysofdesign’s City hub during the festival and hosted talks, Friday bars, social dinings, city tours and more. BRIQ was engaged in the complete process from the concept development, to content creation, engaging in partnerships and hosting events to the interior architecture and build-out along with implementation. 

This exhibition gave a sneak-peek into the development of Carlsberg Byen from a once industrial area closed off to the public to a new, vibrant neighborhood, from visions and ink on paper to finalized projects and bustling urban life. Through the exhibition, spatial installations represented the elements that together create a mixed city; cultural, commercial and recreational functions. The purpose of the exhibition was to show how creating a living city is a collective effort between various advisors, architects, designers, landscape architects, commercial operators and artists.

The participating architects were:


• Mikkelsen Architects

• Arkitema

• Vandkunsten

• Schønherr


• C.F. Møller Architects

• Opland

• 1:1 Landskab

• Vilhem Lauritzen Architects

• Adept