Place branding & visual communication
Aarhus, Denmark

Trælasten is a former industrial plot that used to house the city’s lumberyard, which is now transforming into a new mixed neighborhood with retail, workplaces, housing and culture. BRIQ has developed the area’s urban life and retail strategy as well as the coming community house Åens Hus, and finally BRIQ has developed the area’s visual identity.

The name Trælasten is already a statement with strong visual connotations. To complement this and to leave room for the mental pictures created in peoples’ minds, the logo is designed to be more neutral. The logo references the old lumberyard signs and the shape is solid, signaling stability and harmony.

To add a distinct and unique element to the visual identity BRIQ developed a fifth element. These graphic elements are abstract representations of wood veins and running water. The fifth element can be used in multiple ways to create distinct graphic compositions and to make Trælasten stand out as a new urban district marking its unique identity as a part of Aarhus city.