Værftshallerne Helsingør

Retail and urban life strategy, concept development
Elsinore, Denmark
Helsingør Kommune

BRIQ has assisted Elsinore Municipality in getting closer to transforming the impressive old shipyards at the city’s cultural harbor into a new cultural destination. The transformation of the old shipyards has been underway for many years, with numerous visions, ideas, and temporary activities filling the halls.

BRIQ’s task was to refine the previous work, regenerate ideas and vision, and turn them into a realizable strategy, focusing on the next steps in the implementation phase. A key focus of the strategy is to create a place that appeals to locals while also becoming a destination for tourists. The approach emphasizes creating synergy between the different programs to offer a unique experience composed of various parts and to provide activities and attractions throughout the day, making the shipyards an accessible destination in the city. The strategy leverages the site’s potential and addresses its limitations, recommending a selection of economically sustainable core programs flanked by a wider range of ‘synergy programs’ to nourish a wide palette of activities. Furthermore, it explores funding streams, and organizational methods, and provides recommendations for the initial steps in the future implementation process.