National Museum of Denmark

Interior architecture and implementation
Copenhagen, Denmark
National Museum of Denmark

At the National Museum of Denmark, BRIQ was hired to redesign the shop as well as to counsel on the ticketing area and the restaurant on the first floor. To succeed in creating a fuller and more coherent museum experience the shop area was expanded, opened and integrated into the entrance hall. 

The shop of the National Museum carries a very broad range of products from mead to t-shirts, books and toys. To accommodate this, BRIQ designed a variety of bespoke display furniture, scaling from delicate jewelry displays to bigger, integrated shelving systems. The simplicity of the interior creates a canvas from which to showcase the varying products, while it accounts for the changes that are made to the product line relating to the changing exhibitions. Furthermore, BRIQ designed a multifunctional counter that integrates point of sales with storage while the personnel can maintain close customer contact.

By translating materials found in the exhibitions such as limestone, leather, oak and brass into the interior design of the shop, a physical connection to the exhibitions was made. By incorporating big image displays, the atmosphere of the shop can be easily affected and quickly changed to fit the current exhibitions. 

When the shop was launched, commercial director of the museum, Catharina Hegedüs Rasmussen, said:
“A while ago we started a turnaround towards a more commercial culture. So far, we have tripled sales with the new, unique castle shops. Our expectations to the spectacular National Museum “shopping mall” are very high. Lots of museums have shops that look good, but it is obvious to me that they often forget to invite the retail science people.”