Sankt Hans Hospital

Urban planning, urban life strategy
Roskilde, Denmark
Roskilde Municipality

The new and reformed Sankt Hans Hospital is going to be Roskilde’s healing, recreational backyard.

History and heritage

Sankt Hans has been a psychiatric hospital for more than 200 years and is now facing a transformation into a vibrant urban area. Soon, the area will accommodate both housing, businesses, public and cultural activities, as well as large recreational areas.

BRIQ has developed the urban life strategy for the area, which builds on the qualities lodged in the historic site, the cultural heritage of the buildings, and the core values embedded in the overall vision for the development.

A new neighboordhood

BRIQ is responsible for programming and developing concepts for the historical buildings in the area, which will serve as key drivers for community and urban life in the future. The historical buildings will be brought to life in their new urban context through concepts specifically developed for Sankt Hans, and more importantly the concepts will be curated bearing in mind the possibility for cross-cutting collaborations and synergies between the operators, local entrepreneurs, and associations. An overall ambition is that new extroverted concepts at Sankt Hans will accelerate and continuously support the urban community.

BRIQ innovates and develops new mixed concepts at Sankt Hans, which respond to megatrends in our time while at the same time capture the history and potential of the historic site. Health, nature, and community are key words in balancing the composition of cultural, commercial, and recreational functions.