Odense Havneby

Retail and urban life strategy, strategy for water activities and user involvement
Odense, Denmark
A. Enggaard
150.000 m2
Vandkunsten, SLA Architects, EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører

BRIQ has significantly contributed to the development of Odense’s inner harbor over several years. During the initial competition phase, BRIQ engaged stakeholders to preserve and enhance the port’s creative and artistic culture. This engagement led to the creation of a programming framework rooted in the port’s cultural history and creative evolution. BRIQ translated these elements into themes for urban life and development principles, guiding the organization of external functions and the interaction between buildings and urban spaces.

In the competition phase, BRIQ illustrated how local and external partners could bring the vision of a vibrant, site-specific urban life to fruition, supported by a robust transformation strategy.

Currently, BRIQ is taking part in the Development Plan refining Vandkunsten’s winning master plan focusing on urban life and waterfront activities and programming. BRIQ’s work emphasizes maintaining continuous urban activity and preserving the port’s historic features, such as small-scale production, civic life, boating, and other activities, while balancing quiet and active urban spaces.

Visualization: Vandkunsten