Nuuks Plads

Retail and urban life strategy, urban planning, placemaking
Copenhagen, Denmark
2700 m2
2L and Entasis

In recent decades Nuuks Plads has been largely unnoticed and silent place in Copenhagen’s vibrant Nørrebro neighborhood. The former national archive is now facing a new era, and this historic building will be transformed into a lively hub for creative and unique commercial spaces. The adjacent modern building from the 1960s will be expanded and transformed architecturally in order to accommodate various types of residential living.

All 2.700 square meters on the ground floor are dedicated to extroverted programs, the careful selection of which will help define and open the inner square to the public. The historical heritage and community have been key to the creation of unique concepts and to the selection of commercial and cultural programs. While supporting a strong sense of community among the retailers and residents, the programs selected for Nuuks Plads are also expected to fill in the blanks and meet the requests of the surrounding neighborhood.

The new Nuuks Plads strives to fill a gap in this dense area of the city while rising as a place with its own identity and nerve. The recently completed metro station on the site will assist in transforming Nuuks Plads into a new urban destination in Copenhagen.

BRIQ is part of the team behind this transformation and we are working closely together with 2L and Entasis to achieve this vision for improved urban life.

Visualization: Entasis