Urban development strategy, programming, art strategy, user and community involvement
Roskilde, Denmark
The Musicon Secretariat

Musicon is a new urban district in Roskilde within 15 minutes’ walking distance from the city center, located next to the renowned Roskilde Festival. Rising out of the old buildings and infrastructure of the former concrete factory, the urban area builds upon its industrial history and building heritage.

With the intention to nourish and further develop the existing commercial and cultural life during their second development stage, BRIQ was involved in creating a new urban strategy for the area. The aim of the urban strategy is to create a main street for new, mixed formats, creative studios, workshops and office communities – in strong relation to the existing retailers and cultural environment.

In a later stage, following the urban development strategy, BRIQ carried out the architectural design and programming of a new building next to Musicon’s large skate hall Hal 12, focusing on innovation, art, experiments, and street culture. In Musicon, entrepreneurs have been able to experiment and grow bigger. From this, a locally rooted and authentic community of small businesses and commercial life has emerged. Based on this, BRIQ works with prolonging the lifespan for the entrepreneurs and retailers in offering the opportunity of moving to a larger space in the new building next to Hal 12.

Alongside the architectural work, BRIQ developed a strategy for building integrated art, aiming to assist the vision of creating a community hotspot and meeting point in Musicon.