Interior architecture, space planning and implementation
Fadet 35, Carlsberg Byen, København V
Liquo Aps
60 m2

Liquo is an intimate, small scale wine bar serving products in high quality. The bar is placed in the sweet-spot between the green J.C. Jacobsen’s Garden, the cozy street Fadet and the 120 meter high Pasteur’s Tower.

A big part of BRIQ’s design task was to utilize the unique space – a small room with an impressive ceiling height. To optimize the space to the fullest a special glass rack was customized to hang from the ceiling, seating has been incorporated into the windowsill and the bar, where you have a view over the small kitchen.

A big wish was to incorporate a wine fridge as a visually attractive element and to provide the space with a splash of vibrant colors.

Colors have been added through the wall paint, the tiles and grout and the terrazzo tables. By creating more bespoke solutions BRIQ has strived to create a space optimized to the fullest, while still maintaining quality in the interior solutions and an intimate atmosphere.

Photo credits: Andreas Raun Rosendahl for Carlsberg Byen