Lagune K7

Concept development, interior architecture, bespoke furniture and implementation
Krystalgade 7 1172 København K
Lærke Andersen from R&H

Once again BRIQ has joined forces with Lagune to renovate and redecorate their shop at Krystalgade 7. The main goals were to optimize the layout of the shop to showcase more products as well as to make the shop more manageable for customers and employees, to create more space for fitting rooms, and finally to reconnect the two adjacent shops physically and visually.

The design departs from the idea of materials, functions and different spatialities meeting, and the materials are inspired by skate ramp building and constructions from the carpentry trade. All materials used – MDF and Masonite boards, glass, and steel – are used in their raw form and the constructions are rendered visible through cut-outs. As a part of the aesthetics, the raw materials will patina over time, and the color palette has been defined by and aligned to the natural colors of the materials. This has resulted in a beige, brown and yellow palette.

Two shelving systems in glass and mirror are placed centrally in one of the two rooms, customized to Lagune’s aesthetics through a partly sandblasted surface that creates an interesting play on the see-through, reflective, and matte properties of the materials. By adding several mirror surfaces, the interior plays with the perception of the room, as they interfere and provide surprising new reflections, spatialities and visual connections between the two rooms.

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Photo credits: Lagune