Københavns Museum

Space Planning, Interior architecture and implementation
Copenhagen, Denmark
Københavns Museum

When the Museum of Copenhagen moved location in 2019 to an old historical building at Stormgade, BRIQ was responsible for the interior architecture of the shop, café and customer facilities. The goal was to create a seamless design, making the transition from room to room as smooth as possible, highlighting the architectural details already existing in the historical building.

A main focus of the interior architecture and space plan was to create an environment that would appeal to both museum guests, remote workers and people dropping by for refreshment. Today, more and more museum visitors drop by the shop and café, and not the exhibitions. Therefore, it is important to create spaces that invite people not only going to the exhibitions, while staying true to the storytelling.

In addition to the café and shop, BRIQ also designed the cloakroom in the basement. With many guests passing through, the task was to design a space with a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics.