Københavns Bageri

Place branding & visual communication
Flaskehalsen 22, Carlsberg Byen, København
Københavns Bageri

Københavns Bageri places itself at the top of the luxurious bakery wave that has spread across the country. The visual identity is created in a recognizable and expressive design, which lays a stylish foundation for a new chapter in the Danish bakery scene. The wish was for the design to stand out and the inspiration is taken from Art Nouveau’s pompous and ornamental style period. In addition, the identity had to be scalable and work well on several levels.

The color palette is based on the materials chosen for the store and signals quality while supporting the feeling of a warm and luxurious bakery. Flexibility is intended in the palette in the form of different compositions and combinations – these can be used to create hierarchy and tonal variations.

 Photos: Andreas Raun Rosendahl for Carlsberg Byen