Urban planning, value program, urban life strategy, zoning & programming
Ballerup, Denmark
Ballerup Municipality
Ballerup Municipality, PensionDanmark, Kildedal PS, WERK Architects

Kildedal will be a new city in the municipality of Ballerup combining a residential neighborhood and a new business district within the realm of life science. The common vision is to create a new urban area that promotes social life, synergy and the feeling of community between residents, businesses, and retailers. Moreover, the urban development takes the surrounding nature and scenic landscape as its starting point.

BRIQ has developed the value program which elaborates the vision and values of the coming city and translates these into concrete measures supporting urban life, sustainability, and community.  Based on the value program, BRIQ has also developed Kildedal’s plan for urban life, mapping out zone identities and curating community functions, commercial and cultural life.

The value program

To support the vision for Kildedal, several values have been pointed out in, and three overall themes have been selected as key for ensuring the vision: A growing city, a city of synergy between life science and residential life, and a city in balance with the surrounding nature. The value program identifies concrete efforts that will help translate and integrate the values into the development of the city, shaping an urban everyday life with a focus on sustainability, community, and healthy lifestyle.

The development plan for urban life

BRIQ has developed a development plan for the urban life of Kildedal, with a focus on anchoring the values and the vision in physical urban nodes in the masterplan. By pointing out where and how urban life can be physically placed and promoted by the structure of the city, offering an ‘urban life template’ to the building developers, this plan ensures that the social life of the city is kept in mind from the early stages of the development.

BRIQ also created the visual identity for the area, which promotes the feeling of a new place rooted in both urban life and scenic nature. The identity creates a unique and recognizable impression of Kildedal.