Place branding & visual communication
Ballerup, Denmark
Ballerup Municipality

BRIQ has been engaged in more work at the new city Kildedal in Ballerup Municipality. As a part of this work, besides the value program and development plan for urban life which you can read more about at this link, BRIQ has developed the full visual identity for the coming city. 

The primary logo is made up by a simple wordmark and is followed by a trademark distilled from the K in Kildedal. By mimicking the form of the swallow’s characteristic tail the trademark represents the nature Kildedal is a part of. With its distinct form, almost pennant-like, the trademark can be used across multiple platforms to create cohesion and recognisability throughout the implementation of the visual identity. 

To support the feel and identity of Kildedal – a growing city, a city of synergy between life science and residential life, and a city in balance with the surrounding nature – several graphic elements have been developed. The graphic elements are abstractions over the hilly nature, and the different elements making up the city, such as the building plots, the green corridor, the city’s professional focus on life-science and technology. The graphic elements add a visual and artistic element to the identity.