Retail and urban life strategy, zoning & programming, placemaking, concept development, curation & implementation
Copenhagen, Denmark
OBEL-LFI Properties

Before BRIQ was hired by C.W. Obel to transform the area, Guldbersgade consisted of industrial buildings and factories and didn’t encourage natural exploration of the area. Based on the idea that one’s neighborhood should be an extension of one’s home, the vision was to transform the neighborhood into a place for the locals, that would foster neighborliness and make room for smaller communities.

Today, Guldbergsgade has become a well-known destination in Copenhagen, with a thriving community and inspiring urban life. The area is a melting pot of sublime, local food and drink producers and mixes urban life, local entrepreneurship, and micro-production on street level. From award-winning croissants to micro-beer and the top three of pizzas in the world, there is constant life in the street. And the combination of retail, co-working, leisure, gastronomy, and a business academy has ensured approximately 3.500 daily visitors.

In the development of Guldbergsgade, BRIQ has translated global urban trends into an urban life and retail strategy rooted in the place’s culture and history. In the process, BRIQ has engaged in master planning, flow analysis and spatial planning of both interior and exterior spaces.