File Under Pop

Interior architecture, space planning and concept development
Esplanaden 6, Copenhagen
File Under Pop

BRIQ has helped Copenhagen’s File Under Pop to create their new colorful universe: The Color Lab – a new take of the classic paint shop and paint collection point. The goal of the Color Lab is to blur the lines between paint shop, showroom and art gallery. By creating a mixed format, the hope is to inspire guests, broaden their horizon within color and textures and to encourage buyer-to-staff interaction. 

BRIQ played an integral part in bringing their vision of the shop to life and to create an inspirational space. BRIQ designed a place that showcases the process behind the paint production, as well as the many possibilities and different expressions of the paint. Artist David Risley has created a site-specific artwork on the ceiling of the space, and textiles hand-painted with File Under Pop colors decorate the walls and windows.

Photos credits: Ditte Isager