Architecture, space planning, concept development
København and Frederiksberg
Københavns Kommune & Frederiksberg Kommune
app. 500 m2 each
Københavns Kommune, Frederiksberg Kommune & Amager Ressource Center

BRIQ has designed the new Delezone (sharing zone) in close collaboration with the municipality of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Amager Ressource Center (A-R-C). At 4 existing recycling centers in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, the sharing zone will be introduced over the coming months. The new sharing zones are meant to support and promote direct reuse among citizens. This initiative is part of the ambitious Circular Copenhagen Resource and Waste Management Plan (and ambition to become a carbon-neutral Capital in 2025), and the target is to reuse 3 times more material directly, equivalent to 6.000 tons/year.

By dividing the center into categories such as Furniture, Things for the Home, Do It Yourself, The Garden, and The Balcony BRIQ has strived to make the sharing zone easy to use and approachable as approachable as any other retail experience. The sharing zone also facilitates small workshops and repair-stations, as well as partnerships with organizations, artists and private companies to promote, explore and expand the possibilities for giving items a second life. The sharing zone itself is made to be easily re-used and the interior is partly made by second-life materials. Reusing, repairing and prolonging the life of objects that can be useful to others, should be the obvious and convenient choice.