Boston Consulting Group

Transformation of interior, space planning, inventory, interior surfaces, implementation, project management and budget
Gammel Carlsbergvej 3, Carlsberg Byen, København V
Boston Consulting Group
10.300 m2
ACT architects, Sweco and 2LP

For Boston Consulting Group’s new headquarter BRIQ was lead designer and took part in transforming more than 10.000 m2, as the old historic red warehouse in the old district of Carlsberg Byen, was turned into a contemporary consulting house. 

By applying essential mechanisms from the urban context BRIQ wanted to unlock the potential of  the office as a second home, where hybrid work spans from focused and enclosed, to open and interactive.

The plan includes a diverse set of spaces that caters to different work methods, from solo work and collaboration, to tranquil areas, to lively social zones, and even a dedicated library space. The design aims to cater to hybrid work for both virtual and physical work environments.⁠

As a part of the design process, BRIQ engaged in an extensive process of co-creation with the client. This resulted in many bespoke solutions to accommodate the specific needs of BCG employees as well as living up to the constraints set by the listed building.

The project addresses sustainability by approaching all inventory and furniture as high quality pieces made of natural material that lasts long, patinates beautifully and where the obvious and natural choice is to maintain and repair. Furthermore, all wood is FSC certified. 

The project is nominated for Årets Arne, 2024.