Retail & urban life strategy, zoning & programming, placemaking, temporary activation & user involvement, concept development, curation & implementation
Copenhagen, Denmark
Nordhavn P/S

The transformation of Nordhavn from an industrial harbor area to vibrant urban district has already progressed a long way. BRIQ is playing a key role in the development of Copenhagen’s former free port area through a strategy for urban life and commerce laying out the identity for the neighborhood as a whole and zooming in on the varying zone identities in the area. The strategy balances and lays out the foundations for commerce, culture and recreational spaces building on the potentials in the built environment and the visions of creating a sustainable city of the future. Eco-friendly, vibrant, and dynamic are some of the keywords in the overall vision for the area.

BRIQ has implemented the strategy for urban life, selecting operators and unique concepts for the ground floor spaces, and completed this task in 2022. Today Århusgadekvarteret is a lively neighborhood, which invites you to explore the many little independent retailer shops or settle down at one of the many restaurants or cafes. Many of the F&B concepts have made a name for themselves in terms of sustainability and high-end gastronomy. Also, new mixed retail formats are almost a trademark for the area today. A combined showroom, café and shop serves a central community driver. Also, business operators in the district share square meters and invite residents and guests inside their offices in café and work areas.

In the early stages, BRIQ was an integral part of the place making strategy and took part in creating a temporary park and beach bar, a market hall, and a gallery. Later, a market for sustainable design and community dining have been some of the activities in the effort of building a local community.

BRIQ has additionally been responsible for establishing a trade association across the retailers, which has become significant for the coherence between urban and commercial life as well as social communities.