Altor Denmark

Transformation of interior, workspace strategy, space planning, interior design, implementation, project management and budget
Bredgade 40, Copenhagen K
Altor Equity Partners
1000 m2

For Altor’s new headquarters in Copenhagen, BRIQ led the design process, overseeing the transformation of an interior in a historic building into an elegant, contemporary office.

Drawing from the surrounding urban context, BRIQ aimed to create an environment where employees feel at home, despite the high demands on their work performance. This involved striking a balance between preserving the historical integrity of the building while also catering to the need for confidential workspaces and hybrid meeting rooms.

The design encompasses a variety of spaces tailored to different work styles, including areas for solo work, collaborative projects, and quiet retreats. Despite the professional atmosphere, there’s an emphasis on creating a sense of warmth and comfort throughout the workspace.

Throughout the project, BRIQ engaged in extensive collaboration with Altor, ensuring that the design met the specific needs of the company’s employees while respecting the constraints of the listed building. Sustainability was a key consideration in the design process, with a focus on selecting durable materials that would stand the test of time. Additionally, all wood used in the project is sourced from FSC-certified suppliers, ensuring responsible forestry practices.

The project is a testament to BRIQ’s commitment to innovative design solutions that enhance the workplace experience while preserving the historical legacy of the
built environment.