Interior architecture, space plan and implementation
Copenhagen, Denmark

In Harild hus, centrally located in Carlsberg Byen, BRIQ created the space plan and interior architecture of Danish lamp retailer Lampemesteren – offering their customers a Copenhagen based destination for experiencing light design.

The retailer has a large catalogue of products to display, so the store features a space plan that creates different zones for the various lamp series. The shop is designed with light grey fixtures and curtain backdrops to display the lamps in a calm setting, so each series can stand out on its own.

As well as functioning as the key selling area, the store centerpiece, a charcoal grey counter, provides the customer with a comfortable seat for browsing the online catalogue and enjoying a coffee. Adjacent to the shop, a workshop area adds an additional store experience, here a local electrician offers lamp repairs, This space can be seen from the window and offers lamp repairs by a local electrician.